Photo report / Agach / August 2013


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Aubin is farmer in the valley of Jabron (High Provence, south-east of France) and in summer he is shepherd at Vallonet neck (near the neck of the Ark, departure from the village of Saint -Ours).
Waked up at 7am, he walks then with his 1200 lambs to an altitude of about 2500 meters. This day, in a lunar landscape crossed by clouds and montain's spray, we followed him in his leisurely walk to pasture. As long as the sheep are in view and on the right path, Aubin has no reason to worry and sometimes he observes them at several hundred meters, letting his flock in the rocky landscape in search of a new green area. The confidence of the shepherd appears as a soft blend of inner calm and permanent alert.
Twelve hours later, he joined his sheepfold, parks the animals and waits the slow dusk and the deep starry night.
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