Video report - 25 min

Year of production : 2012
Direction, camera and editing : Thierry MICHEL
Sound : Jarek FRANKOVSKY
Production : Ensemble Télémaque


No subtitles

The ECO - European Contemporary Orchestra has been created by three atypical European ensembles : The Telemachus ensemble (Marseille / France), the ensemble Musiques Nouvelles (Mons / Belgium) and The Ereprijs ensemble (Arnhem / Netherlands), which come together to form a new tool to European reach. This orchestra, completely devoted to contemporary music, aims to propose a new historical and geographical sound standard. It combines the symphonic dimension to new technologies, voice and electronic instruments, the strike force of an orchestra and ductility of an ensemble.
In this video report commissioned by the Ensemble Telemachus, I was looking for to bring out the diversity of styles, shapes, inspiration and tools, in asking to the protagonists of the ECO that they share their experiences.


Documentary - 52 min

Year of production : 2004
Direction : Thierry MICHEL
Camera : Gilles GIORGI et Thierry MICHEL
Sound : Yann MAGNAN
Editing : Céline BURRY
Music : Levon Minassian and Friends
Production : Marielle GROS / Airelles vidéo


No subtitles

A return to the land of my ancestors, to Séderon in Drôme Provençale, to better understand what was the experience of the Second World War for the inhabitants of this village. The story is based on the writings of my grandmother and rebuilds a checkered history (the village has protected an antenna of the maquis Ventoux), when humanity of my characters outweighs the tragedy.


Video report - 18 min

Year of production : 2001

Direction, camera, editing : Thierry MICHEL

Sound : Annie Monin et Bozena Dlugosz

Music by Jean-Marie Carlotti (melody, guitar, hurdy-gurdy, psaltery), with Michel Marre (euphonium) on a text by Pierre Vidal (twelfth century): "Amb the alen shot go lar me"

Production : Airelles Vidéo and the association of friends of Saint-Martin de Volonne.


No subtitles

From the construction of the Romanesque church of Saint-Martin de Volonne in the eleventh century, to its restoration to the dawn of the twenty-first century, men have always tried to give this building a single role in the top Provençal environment.
Can we make life these stones? This is what I wanted on my side when I approached this architecture and the men who worked to its restauration...


Vidéo report - 15 min

Year of production : 2000

Direction, camera, editing : Thierry MICHEL

Sound : Bozena DLUGOSZ

Production : Agach


No subtitles

In many French countryside, man kills the pig in December. In December 2000, I filmed the killing. You can see a documentary interest, but the real topic, from my point of view, is the men dancing around this beast.
Sensitive souls refrain, or seek to watch this movie like a whole measured choreography where everyone has a role and everything seems to go without saying.